I want you to remember this more than anything in the whole world:

No one who hurt you, who betrayed you,

Who has never apologised for the pain

They have caused you is worth your mental health,

A place in your heart or the taste of acid on your tongue when you speak their name.

What they deserve is erasure,

Being forgotten,

Being totally inconsequential whilst you pursue every hope

And dream you have ever had in mind or in heart.

Take every single person who lessened your shine and bury their memory,

Without mercy, under glow of everything,

That makes you who you are,

And who you are right now,

In this moment,

Is a living, breathing example of

How you can survive and still keep shining.


I won’t let their hate break me,

For i was born to soar high,

For i was born to be,

Free and wild.

I can’t change what they think about me, honestly.

Because their brain is the size of a pea.

Despite of all the negativity,

I still have a wide smile present on my face.

May be they are just too blind to see,

That their opinions still don’t bother me.

Because one thing i have learned long ago,

Was that if you want to unlock the door happiness,

Not giving a damn is the key.

For my resilience will sting them,

More than a bee.


Stop being afraid of everything you can be.

I have never seen the sky or the earth wear their flaws like their apologies.

Instead they defiantly present them as their truth, take it or leave it, it is upto you.

Remind yourself that the moon even with the scars is still the fairest of them all,

It’s the light that it gives to the world that matters at last.

Everything around you is asking you to set yourself free,

Become everything that you think you cannot be.


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