Stop dwelling in self pity my dear. Don’t think you are beautiful enough because you don’t fit into someone else’s definition of beautiful. Your worth is not tied to the opinion of others.

You weigh more than everyone else around you OR You are so skinny that people can count your bones ?

Not fair in complexion?

Have frizzy and tangled hair ?

Too many marks and spots on your skin ?

Not a sweet voice ?

Not the beautiful eyes as described in the songs ?

But let me tell you something.

You are beautiful !

Beautiful if you weigh too much or too less,

If you have a perfect body shape or not,

If you are too dark or too fair,

If your hair looks messed up or salon perfect,

If you have a clean skin or too many spots,

If your voice is amazing or unbearable,

If your eyes are ocean blue, chocolate brown or just the plain black,

Beautiful if others feel or not .


Because you carry your own spark.

People will judge you no matter what. You don’t need their validation. Their definition of beautiful is a chaotic mix of scary, awful and a selfish assumption of perfection.

You don’t need to fit in their definition.

You don’t need to be a people pleaser.

You are Your Own Kind Of Beautiful.

Beauty with No Terms And Conditions.

So, love yourself & feel confident.

Feel beautiful.

Feel yourself.

As the true definition of beautiful is You.




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You are beautiful
These lines encourage women to find their worth within their selves.