There are no rules,

You are already strong.

Even when you are feeling yourself fall apart,

In the most public place you know.

Even when your knees hit the floor,

And your grief meets you in floods.

Even when your body racks with sobs,

Crafted in the belly of a tsunami.

Even when sorrow feels like,

An endless sea of drowning.

Your fortitude(courage in pain) is right there inside you.

Your strength is within you always,

To call up when you want to.

And besides, didn’t anyone ever tell you,

That survival, that resilience,

That strength looks so different on us all?

On some it looks still waters, and on others

It looks like a dam bursting as the water falls.

Be a women who believes in forever.

Who carries her vision and never says never.

Your life and this time may carry harsh lessons,

Moments of insight and sometimes as persons.

No matter the distance or what you may face,

The light in your hands, it must never fade.

We move on with courage, without being afraid,

In uncharted paths, Foundations are laid.


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