I stand before a mirror

Completely bare and vulnerable

Staring back at me is

A woman i am proud of on the inside

Yet not so much on the out

My insecurities begin their taunting

Reminding me of my imperfections

Tearing away my confidence

Piece by piece hoping i become

That fragile women that ends up in despair

I once again turn to that warrior within

Guiding my heart to lift this illusion

Of one having to be flawless to the eye

Because it doesn’t exist

Society just paints it that way

As For everything else

I came to the realization

That my every imperfection

Is perfection to me

So the next time

I look into the mirror

I will see someone i have never seen before

A true goddess

I will finally see me.



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"Woman- A true goddess" tries to explain that you don't need to be in a battle with yourself. Applaud yourself for the courage to wear your heart on sleeve.