To all the guys,

Have you ever wondered what made your partner love you ?

Here is your answer.

She didn’t love you because you remembered her birthday or brought her flowers on valentine’s day.

She fell in love with you because when you woke up in the morning, you said good morning to her before you checked your phone. She fell in love with you because when you went to the fridge to get yourself a drink, you got her one without even asking. She fell in love with you because when you had an amazing day at work and she came home and she had a terrible day at work, you didn’t say ‘but yeah yeah yeah! Let me tell you about mine.’ You sat and listened to her awful day and you didn’t say a thing about your amazing day. This is why she fell in love with you.

I can’t tell you exactly what day. And it was no particular thing you did. It was accumulation of all those little things that she woke up one day and she goes ‘I love him.’ Its about transitions.

Suppose if you were to go to a gym. You go to the gym and workout and you come back and look in the mirror you will see nothing. And if you go the gym next day and do the same, you will see nothing again. So you will now presume, clearly no results. Can’t be measured. It must not be effective. And so we quit. Or if you believe that this is the right course for you and you stick with it, like in a relationship.

I bought her flowers and wished her a happy birthday and she doesn’t love me. Clearly, I will give up. That’s not what should happen.

If you believe there’s something there, you commit yourself to it. You commit yourself to the exercise, the regime. You can screw it up. You can eat chocolate cake one day. You can skip a day or two. It allows for that. But if you stick with it consistently, I can’t say exactly what day, but i know you’ll start getting into shape. And the same with the relationship.

Its not about the events. Its not about intensity. Its about consistency.

You go to the dentist twice a year, your teeth will fall out. You have to brush your teeth everyday for two minutes. If we look at what does it do, we’ll say Nothing! Unless you do it everyday. Its the consistency.

Going to the gym for nine hours a day won’t do anything what 20 minutes a day would do.

Its the daily practice of all those boring things that matters the most.



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