“This isn’t a complaint, but a proposal to be understood.”

We are told that the movies we watch give us warped ideas of reality.

We are told that we are losing traditions;

We are getting married too late,

We aren’t having enough kids,

We are pursuing too much higher education,

We are getting into too much debt.

It seems as if we are just not getting it right.

We are tired of being scapegoats.

Tired of being blamed for the way the world is, when we barely came of age to see what the world holds.

We barely got full time jobs before we were blamed for not having a good work ethic.

We are doing the best we can with what have been given to us.

We get blamed for trying and succeeding when it was the success they had in mind.

We get blamed for using different words than they are used to and desiring different jobs than they had access to.

But we are just trying to survive in a world that’s forever changing.

Our generation is the first of its kind – Children of the internet, young adults with the world literally in our hands.

We are tired of getting blamed for being lazy when the job market is out of our control.

We are tired of getting blamed for how we spend our money when we never judged anyone for how they spend theirs.

We are tired of getting blamed for the things we cherish, the things we value, for the simple reason that they aren’t the same as theirs.

We are tired of getting blamed for being irresponsible adults when we are never given the opportunity to fail.

We are tired of getting blamed for not knowing how to lose, but who demanded us to win ?

They say we don’t speak up enough, but when we do, they don’t like what we have to say.

They say we don’t understand the real world, but they don’t like the world we are trying to create.

They claim we don’t understand but may be we have been trying to explain ourselves.

They claim we don’t listen but may be they are not used to our ways of communication.

They claim we don’t show up, but may be they are looking in the wrong places.

We live in an incredible time where the greatest need is for us to work together, build together, think together, create together.

If you feel judged, targeted or blamed,

Use that energy to become the change.

If you feel limited,

Choose to be limitless.

If you feel put down,

Use that as a way to stand up.

We are getting blamed for living wrongly, when we are just living differently.

We are tired of being blamed by other generations, because at the end of the day, we need each other.

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