The problem with the words ‘Super woman’ and ‘Wonder woman’ are the words super and wonder. Because even without them, they mean the same.

Agar life ek film hai, toh hum ladkiyo ki opening humesha S se sorry keh k hoti hai. ‘Living by what society says’ don’t you think should change today ?

Thoda dhak lo, Thoda dheere bol lo, Thoda theek se baitho, Thodi fit ho jao.

Ye thoda thoda kar ke macha diya hai shor, par ‘Not Anymore’ .

Talk too much, toh feminist,

Laugh too much, toh she is easy.

So much pressure to be thin,

When its fun to sometimes sin.

Na mei sexy siren, Na mei rebel webel,

Why do people want to chipkao mujhpe apne label ?

Married toh aunty, single toh lame,

Unmarried toh shame shame.

To quote Shakespeare, “What’s in a name ?”

Kyu khelo ye surname wala game ?

Zada padh liya toh ae chashmish,

Lipstick zada ho gyi toh ae heroin.

Ghar late aaun toh character pe shak,

All I want to say is that “Where the hell is my haqq ?”

Size zero ya XXL, it’s our life, so what the hell !

Let’s go off the taunts, that’s what women want.

To be, To live, To love.

Stay quite or just flaunt.

Be unapologetically sexy.

Be unapologetically awesome.

It’s said that Men yield power with age but women grow into irrelevance.

To quote kate winslet, ‘I am baffled that anyone might not think women get more beautiful as they age. Confidence comes with age, and looking beautiful comes from that confidence one has in theirselves.

We women have voices, deep thoughts, ideas, beliefs and values about the world. We have the power to speak and be heard and fight back when we are silenced.

They can keep their lies for I have just gotten started and I feel as if i have just left the womb. My 20’s are the warm up, for what I am really about to do. So wait till you see me in my 30’s, now that will be a proper introduction to the nasty women in me. How can i leave before the party started, rehearsals begin at 40. I rippen with age, I do not come with an expiration date. And now for the main event, curtains up for my 50’s. Let’s begin the show.


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