Once upon a time,

Persuasive words would give her goosebumps,

And sweet nothings would satisfy her cravings.

The keys to her heart belonged to the thieves.

But now,

She has grown, to listen to with her eyes,

To only trust actions,

And to study behaviors.

She has allowed time to be the inspector,

To see what it will reveal.


She will always return to the man,

Who gets her.

Who let’s her be wild,

The man who doesn’t act like,

She is too much.


She is chaos,

She is a storm,

A story undone.

She is too lush for eyes,

That cannot look into the sun.


Love your whole story,

Even if it hasn’t been a perfect fairytale.


Sweetheart marry your goals,

Remain committed to success,

Be loyal to your dreams,

It’s okay to choose yourself.


For too much of her life,

She has apologised when wasn’t wrong,

Just to make a situation better,

She’s not going to be that person anymore.


She’s a paradox lying in the sheets of memories.

Her heart longs for the days she has lost.


She wear alluring facades of ‘I am fine’ for everyone to see.

Eventually, she ran out of faces and the broken soul behind those masks was unveiled.


She was a mess but genuine.

When she laughed, she was beautiful.

When she cried, she was stunning.

But when she was determined, she was sexy as hell.


Continue working on the greatest love story in this world, the one you have with yourself.


Revenge is not the only option.

Making them burn with regret is also an option.


She looks at all, yet sees none.

The calm on her face freezing in time shall remain so.


Though I walked alone, I walked ahead.

Though I lost something, yet I lived everything.


No one owes you anything except that it is you who owes yourself everything.


Don’t bank on people who only withdraw bit never deposit.


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