The most important lesson you can learn as a giver is to learn how to set boundaries.

If you do not, you will repeat the vicious cycles of feeling used, and feeling like you are never enough.

It is imperative that you take charge of this. Learn how to set your boundaries today and your heart will thank you tomorrow.

I think the most important thing for a giver to do is to slightly change who they are and to slightly change who is around them.

I believe that environment is the key to healing, happiness and abundance.

If you want to grow fruit and the terrain, the weather and nutrients in the soil don’t allow for growth, it just won’t grow.

And you are a fruit.

The problem with being a giver is that we feel like it is our nature to provide for others, even when we don’t have to.

If you are a giver, your life will flow in one of the these ways:

Very Rewarding or you will feel used.

This is solely based in your attitude and behaviour.

Show people how you will or will not be treated by having the power and will to walk away the second it turns abusive, violent, aggresive or anything that is outside of your boundaries.

Walking away from a toxic situation is a form of setting a boundary.

It’s your way of saying “I’ll not settle for a poisonous situation.”

People respect you more if you stand up for yourself, if you have a backbone.

You show others how to treat you based on how you allow yourself to be treated.

You should only cultivate your friendships with other givers like you.

To vibrate higher, we have to be okay

With being alone,

With being patient,

While we direct right energy.



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