Sometimes we are so busy loving and caring about everyone around us that we forget to love ourselves too. We forget to value and treat ourselves right. We forget that we are also important. Because the only person who has been there for us after the whole world went to sleep, is us.

Just because i choose not to complain,

Doesn’t mean i am always content.

Doesn’t mean everything is perfect.


Just because i am quite,

Doesn’t mean i don’t have plenty to say.

It doesn’t mean i am scared.

It doesn’t mean i am soft.


Just because i am serious,

Doesn’t mean i am not silly.

Doesn’t mean i don’t laugh.


Just because i smile all the time,

Doesn’t mean i am always happy.


And just because i won’t,

Doesn’t mean i can’t.


Self-love is a habit, an exercise that you can’t perfect overnight.

“Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.”

You have been criticizing yourself for years, and it hasn’t worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens.

Switch your perspectives and life will align itself dramatically.

“Most of the shadows of this life are caused by standing in one’s own sunshine.”

Becoming the healthiest version of you takes time. You will get there. Purge the behaviours that are holding you back. Improve your strengths and get rid of your weaknesses.

In this process of loving them, don’t forget to love yourself too.

Because when the world falls asleep, you are the only person who is there for you.

Love yourself, embrace your flaws, and never let opinion of others affect your self confidence. You are enough.

People are going to judge you, no matter what. Be it the way you are, the things you do, the way you talk and what not. If you keep caring about each one of them, you wouldn’t be able to live the life that has been given to you. So be who you are, love what you do, laugh as much as you want, dress just as you wish. And ignore the people blabbering in the background.

It’s okay to take a little bit of time to yourself and just do  all the things that make you happy.

Self love isn’t something too complicated, it starts with you taking care of yourself.

People will come and they may even go, but must always keep yourself at the top of your priority list, though.

It’s okay to make them your life, but the time you spend with yourself is what will truly make you feel alive.

So start taking care of yourself, it is time for you to grow.

You can still love them by loving yourself, and that is all you need to know.


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