Imagine, but with care.

    For all your visions are a form of prayer.

I’ll let you in, if you leave your mask at the door.

And even though you have no ownership over them,

Nor do they over you,

Yet you dwell in their hearts.


Because they chose you.

You seem to be mistaken. I didn’t see you as the damsel in distress so that I may rescue you. I merely followed the light. The one that shines bright from within you even in your darkest moments.

So as much as I would have liked to save you, it was you, my light of hope, who saved me.

Will you not admire the flawless work of your maker by loving yourself ? And if they take it away all from me, I’ll be left with what I came with.


No, Hunger.

For my rebellion & defiance,

You threw me to the lions

Not knowing they’re my family.

With whom I sin & I pray,

And in the wilderness we slay,

As we lust for our teeth,

In the necks of our prey.

For blood is wine for a feast,

When you’re dining with beasts.

Apache brave & Afghan loyal,

Arabian love & French affection,

African skin with Spanish hips,

Mozart symphony through Indian lips,

Persian poetry in Elizabethan ink,

Italian perfection in designer heels,

A German beast on American wheels,

A Viking ship through a Raging storm,

She’s a flawless lioness in her truest form.




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