I see you cry in the rain

and storm into the hurricane.

All the trouble to mask the pain

And all the madness to appear sane ?

I see you cry in the rain

What a life I say !

And what would the light in you say ?

‘We do not chase after moths and flies’,

Listen close to the truth, and let go of the lies.

I see you cry in the rain

It is you that gives birth to butterflies and dragons,

So what would it be, fireworks or canons ?

As for the big bad world, know that all must perish,

While you darling, shall live on forever.

I see you cry in the rain

So don’t walk with a bare foot and cindrella’s shoe,

And don’t chase after what lies within you.

Listen close now and wipe your tears

Abandon all fear and ditch the frown

Lift your head up and fix your crown.

Darling you are a river

The rocks will break you

The valleys will bend you

You will never stop

Because this is what you do

You flow.

Hold onto your madness

This battle is not beautiful.

Lost and alone in this city of darkness,

Empty of lovers and full of lies,

You build a wall between your dreams and the madness,

I reach out my hand,, but you run and hide.

I see you cry in the rain,

I wanna bring back the joy again.





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The poetry 'I see you cry in the rain' is about a women who has been betrayed.