I challenge you to lust for life.

Drink less alcohol and more tea.

Do more yoga, lift more weights & sit less on the couch.

Text & Call to have meaningful conversations.

Travel to see the unseen.

Do a job that you love.

Use a budget.

Learn how to appreciate every single day.

I challenge you to lust for life,

Don’t just have a heartbeat & flesh coz that doesn’t mean you are alive.

I challenge you to really live your life,

To give each day a purpose

And to find your joy daily.

If you don’t have a clear cut purpose in life, that’s okay. Purpose is something that changes throughout time. If you are trying to find your purpose, then I encourage you to stay open minded to new friends, new ideas, new ways of living and seeing the world.

Lastly, don’t think that your purpose is solely about a “job”. Yes, you can find purpose within a career , but you can also find it in a place, in a hobby or through your own creativity.

Don’t think you need to give yourself a massive purpose that can be overwhelming. Just take time each day to cultivate a purpose for that day.

Know what you want, how you want to be treated and what you deserve.



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"I Challenge You" is about motivating people to do what is important at the moment.