Healing from pain is a choice.

You have to consciously decide that you deserve to feel free, that you deserve to let go of the weight that has been holding you down for too long.

There are too many people walking with the pain that has never been talked about.

We mask it, hide it, keep it in the closet because we are afraid to wear the outfits of pain.

We suffer greatly because we don’t understand our minds and how to associate and deal with the pain.

Look at the differences between these two statements:

“Why does this always happen to me?”

“What can I learn about this situation?”

Simply altering and manipulating the words can literally change the way you associate with the pain.

Healing is not an overnight process, take all the time that you need.

It is a daily cleansing of pain, it is a daily healing of your life.


There are going to be all kinds of people who will try to steal your magic during your lifetime.

If you show them your heart and they do not return the gesture, it’s time to move on.

Love is not a glimpse but a fixation.



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