Our egos are the size of blue whales and attachments are only meant for emails.

People these days would rather dive deep into their phones instead of another’s soul. We are looking for the one who dives deep like we do, the one who loves hard like we will, the person who has been broken but has healed just like we have

Our heart craves to be with someone who takes the time to learn the complexities of our heart.

We’re afraid of letting others touch our souls and yet we’ll never compromise our career goals. And we’re petrified of driving people away with our own self doubt.

Don’t be afraid to put down your ego and admit that you need them, because sometimes all it takes is another person. Someone who will listen to what you have to say. Someone who stays silent if that’s what it takes.

Dare to keep your ego aside once, and be vulnerable enough to admit that you need someone to hug away your loneliness, or to talk about your mundane day over the phone.

If your pride takes away your mental peace, you should probably let it go. A peaceful mind is better than a broken heart. Own the kind of pride you can put down occasionally.

Be kind, Be gentle, everyone is going through something. Be the first to admit that you need them, instead of waiting for them to say first. Life is short after all and you never know if there’s ever going to be a next time. Remember one thing, hold on to your pride, only of it keeps you happy.


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