Bringing a change is hard. Society didn’t approve of the first person who claimed the world is round and not flat.

Society laughed at that person.

Getting people believe it, took its sweet time.

That’s the thing with society. It shows resistance. It doesn’t like change.

But the truth is that, over a period of time, it has to change. And till then it gives immense credibility to what it had continued to believe; even if it may not have done anything to scientifically verify its own stand. It hurts our society real bad, when you question its belief system.

Besides, who exactly do we call society – the majority of mankind, living in a certain arrangement and adhering to certain common viewpoints ?

So, society won’t approve of it in the initial stage. But some individuals will! The logical ones will. And the day these individuals are in majority, they will form a new society.



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