I have been broken for years,

my bones are swimming in tears

living my whole life in fear,

drowning my body with beer

Looking for love in void,

trying to save what is left

fixing what was once destroyed,

hiding the wounds on my flesh

Here I am gasping for hope,

wishing this life I could cope

but as I travel the slope,

I end up strangled in ropes.


Mistakes were made,

Harsh lessons learned.

But they will look for leaks anyway,

So she taught herself she’s enough.

And this is where the story of an unstoppable girl began.


She was broken,

But that’s what made her unbreakable.


The people who consider you weak,

Have not yet noticed,

The wolf hiding behind your eyes,

Nor the flames inside your soul.

Let them think you are weak,

And do what wolves and fire do best.


Surprise them when they least expect it.


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The poem 'Broken' is about a girl who is broken for years and is looking for love.