“Beauty is how you hide so many stories behind those innocent eyes.

Beauty is how you manage to smile, even after all those cries.

Beauty is how life knocks you down, yet somehow, you gather enough strength to survive.

Beauty is in the way she manages to go again, as if the heartache and pain had fallen off from her wings.

Beauty is in the way she goes laughing, as if  the problems she faced didn’t exist and the humans around her actually loved her equally.

One could say, this world wasn’t meant for her, but the sun and the moon both loved her too much to stay down for long.

There comes a time in life when you start seeing things through the eyes of the child you once were….where you start believing in the fairytales again.

Where you begin to love the skin you have been given to walk around till your soul is ready to fly.

She’s a living proof that everything exists, and if it doesn’t, it once did.

Her crown still shines with the dents and scratches it has accumulated.”

“Stop chasing the ends.

Stop chasing things that damage you internally.

Stop chasing roads that don’t lead your way.

Stop carrying the weights you can’t carry.

Stop chasing attention.

Stop chasing obstructive minds.

Stop marking your limits.

Stop yielding hatred.

Start reaping contentment.

Start chasing your wants.

Start applying your experiences.

Start composing your own melody of happiness.

Start chasing self worth.

Start chasing senses.”

“I wonder how many people I know out there are fighting demons and leviathans alone.

How many people I know, who tell me they are fine, know how to expertly hide the cry for help behind their eyes.

How many are just a helping hand away from a moment that could better their entire life.

And how many will never ask, instead ball up these terrible things inside themselves, thinking they are all alone in their fight.

Its a sobering thought:

Everyone we love and know and hate are suffering in some great or small way.

This is why we must be swift with our kindness,

Make greater efforts with compassion when we ask someone if they are okay.



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