Abstract poems on ‘ME’


1) When it comes to me.

When it comes to me;

I don’t think i can explain myself.

I am all the mistakes that i have made but i won’t apologise for.

I am the empty streets that i have walked.

I am the silences i have talked.

I am not a vacation, I am home.

I am all the places that i have roamed.

I am the fire in which i burn.

I am the doorknobs i am afraid to turn.

I am the books i have half read.

And the galaxies that i have dreamt.


If someone needs to find me,

I’ll be floating through the sky,

Wearing cool cloudskin,

With stardrops in my eyes.

I am on a destination,

To the outer edge of the space,

Catching cosmic glitter,

From the crevices of my face.

I was told that’s where you live now,

Beyond the reach of light,

Now that darkness has engulfed me,

In silent permanent night.

3) Let me be.

Let me be thunder and lightning,

Unpredictable and reckless,

With voices that echoes across the darkened sky.




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These poems talk about a women's ambition. Its an attempt made to express her ambitions in abstract form.

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