You were a soft melodic dream,

who believed in the goodness of every soul in the world,

until you came across someone,

who saw your innocence,

And wanted it for themselves.

So they taught you,

the most grotesque pain,

wrecked your sky castles,

and made them ruined rain,

Crushed your dreams

and your girlhood,

took your gentle, full little heart,

curb stomped it until it was nothing but

shattered pieces falling apart.

They tossed it in a cold grave,

without a eulogy,

nor ceremony,

nor even a truthful little song.

Walked away from all this violence,

as if they did nothing wrong.

But what they underestimated,

what they did not see

was that your heart and you were not the kinds that would die so easily,

or that you would return so strong,

a creature made of such survival,

“A Dragon girl now vengeance born.”

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